Saturday, February 19, 2011

Slow and steady?

Everyone's weight-loss journey is different.  If you have ten, or maybe even twenty pounds to lose you can sprint out off the line and get it done!  In my case I have around 90 pounds and a sprint that far would likely kill this fluffy princess so slow and steady it is.  I have analyzed what it will take for me to do this and be successful.  I have to approach this like it is a marathon.........I need a plan, I need support, and then I need the guts just to do it.  I am steadily going down but not posting big impressive numbers am I am ok with this.  It is kind of funny because at the very beginning of this journey I wanted to lose weight.  I wanted healthier habits and I wanted to feel cute again.   In my mind, I thought developing healthy habits would be a by-product of the weight loss.  Three weeks into my journey, I realized that the healthy habits have to be developed first and weight-loss will follow.  I am working dilligently on changing my relationship with food.  I have learned that reading part of a book, spending time with a friend, or a bubble bath can do the same thing that a late-night fat-laden snack used to.  Are you kidding me??  That is a HUGE victory!  It is not measured in pounds but I am still so proud!  We have gone out to eat and I get what I want.  I will not be eating salads at every restruant I go to for the next fifty years.  It might help me lose more weight initially but that will just come right back on when decide I have had enough salad........which I don't really love anyway.  Victory #2?  I ordered some fabulous enchildas and even had chips and queso.  Doesn't sound victorious?  Well I stopped when I was full and it does not get much more victorious than that!!!  I have not given up anything, I just eat less of it and fill in the blanks with much healthier choices.  I have more energy and quite honestly I feel like my moods are a bit more even.  I have been on at least a 10 year sugar high........maybe longer! 

I feel a bit slimmer and that is boost.  I am almost to the point where I have things figured out.  This is a battle and I need a battle plan and I think I just about have one.  I am eating healthy breakfasts and I have NEVER done that.  It is making a huge difference in my snacking habits.  Which I still have by the way.  I snack healthier too.  I have taken the last couple of weeks and tested the waters.  Can I really eat a Reese's every day and lose weight if I don't go over my points?  I believe so but did not get far into testing this theory because it makes me feel crappy to eat that much sugar.  And THAT would be Victory #3!  I am drinking more water, or tea and not near as much coke.  It has been diet for several years, but still, not as much of the artificial sweetners is making a difference.  I have made a bit of a choice, which is probably not going to be super popular....but I have decided that I am going to go for sugar vs. chemicals most of the time.  Not always of course and I know that it will not contribute to the weight loss but it won't ever be a splurge to me if I can have it all of the time.  If I am going to eat a brownie, by golly, I want a brownie not a diet version of a brownie.  Basically I have taken the diet part right out of this experience.  I am changning my habits and attitudes concerning food.  They did not happen in a few weeks and they will not be undone in a few weeks but I know I can do it.  Most people that know me can attest to the fact that when I truly decide I want usually happens.

The journey continues...........
Big Momma


  1. AWESOME!!!
    I'm doing the same thing. I refuse to "diet" in my 30s. I did it way to much in my 20s haha. and it worked for a time, till "i got tired of salad".

    making better choices and just living is easier for one, but it's healthier in the long run.

    my mentor and I have discussed my issues w/ food and here's her take (and I totally agree):
    SUBMIT TO GOD, PRAY FOR CONVICTION, Make healthier choices, and weight loss is just a perk. That part is up to God. It'll be His reward for my obedience.

    I want to be happy and content w/ me. I want to live a life COMPLETELY SURRENDERED TO JESUS CHRIST. I refuse to let satan convince me that I can keep hold of this addiction.

    loving you!
    ps I miss you so!

  2. Its fabulous comment on the topic. it left on the God always and enjoy the life.