Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fast food.............

Ok.....I am several days in and doing very well.  I have not felt deprived at all and stayed within my points!!  I was so proud of myself...................until today.  Wow.  We stopped and got McD's for breakfast and then my mom is here and it is beautiful outside so we decided to get food and go to the park.  I let the boys choose and and of course they chose Chick-fil-A.  We got our meals and ate at the park and played for about an hour or so and then ran some errands.  On our way home Buddy asked if we could go get ice cream so we went to Sonic.  I knew I was blowing it but entered my points anyway.  HOLY CRAP!!!  It is 4pm and I have blown my points for the day and even some flex points. 

The only positive about today is that even after just one week of eating healthier, eating like I did today has made me feel like crap!  This experience is also opening my eyes to the way I have allowed my boys to eat.  They have eaten better this week by just because of the fact that I prepared better meals.  Even if I don't become a skinny witch.......I do want to feed my family food that is better for them.

The really sad thing about today is that until two weeks ago, this was not unusual.  And you could even throw in a candy bar or two.  Being totally honest, I do not have a thyroid problem or anything else that can cause weight gain.  This girl is fat because she likes to eat!!  I have come by my behind honestly and will just have to work it off the old-fashioned way. 

I am not hungry at all right now but I am seriously considering going and doing a high-intensity cardio video just to earn some activity points so I don't end the day so out of whack.  This will be a process as it is a total lifestyle change for me but I believe I can do it!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Big Momma

In the beginning.......

Hi there!  Welcome to my journey to less fat.....hoping to continue on to downright skinny.  I am a thirty-one year wife/mom/teacher and have become a whole lot more woman that I ever wanted to be.  I promised myself that I would be totally and brutally honest in my journey.  I need accountability and putting myself in a blog and knowing it would be humilitating to not post a weight loss I am ready to go.  I am tipping the scale at a very embarrassing 217 pounds.  My goal weight is 120-130.   That is at 87-97lb weight loss.  Wow......a bit overwhelming.  How do you eat an elephant??  One bite at a time.  For this reason, I have set smaller goals.  I want to lose 15 pounds by Spring Break, that is 7 weeks away and very doable.  I want to fit my increasingly smaller behind in a size 14 by our vacation at the beginning of June. 
I believe I can do this for one reason.  I am sick.  I am sick of wearing clothes that resemble draperies.  I am sick of believing that what I need when I am sad is Reeses and Puffy Cheetos.  I am sick of putting food on the table that will make my family fat.  I am sick of looking in the mirror and wondering who the hell is looking back at me.  I am sick of feeling gross and fat.

I have joined a Weight Watchers group and have high hopes.  There is accountability and it basically trains you on portion control and healthy food choices.  The most important thing in any weight loss plan for me is that it does not highly restrict or eliminate foods.  You have a certain number of points and you can eat what you want you just have to track it.   

I am very excited and hope I don't regret my decision to blog my journey.