Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Excuses are like......................

Well I am back and little bit sore from my tumble off the Weight Watcher's wagon.  I am down 10 pounds total but bet I have lost and gained WAY more than that!!  I have a million different reasons that I have not lost more weight or blogged in almost two months but excuses are like behinds.....we all have one and they all stink!  What it boils down to is when the going got tough, I fell into a bag of Oreos.  A bag, might I add, that was far too conveniently located in the fat girl's pantry.  I am disappointed in myself but have decided not to give up and get right back in the saddle.  This is a HUGE victory because this is the point in every journey before now that I would give up on myself and drown my sorrows with Puffy Cheetos and Reese's cups.

-I am eating a healthier breakfast (most mornings)
-I am more aware of what I am eating, even when I overeat
-I am not giving up

-Fatty food tastes better
-Old habits die hard
-Fatty food tastes better
-Old habits die hard

As I write this too short and long overdue post I have some songs running through my head:
The B**ch is Back
Back in the Saddle
Don't Stop Believing.

For those of you that know me well, it is not hard to picture me dancing to the music in my head.  There is a definite soundtrack to my life and I am very pleased that right now, most of the songs (or at least the titles) are positive in nature.

****Please note that though I listed the songs that are in my head.....this fat lady is not is not over.

Thanks for sticking with me!  Much love.

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